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Is cotton baby doona blankets good for babies?

Yes, cotton baby doona blankets are an excellent choice for babies. Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric that is soft and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. Our double-layered cotton baby doona blanket provides warmth and comfort without overheating, making them perfect for all seasons and ensuring a cosy sleep environment for your little one.

Do babies sleep with doona blankets?

While babies can sleep with doona blankets, it's essential to follow safe sleep practices. It's recommended to avoid using doona blankets or blankets in a crib until the baby is at least 12 months old to reduce the risk of suffocation or SIDS. However, our baby doona blankets are perfect for use in strollers, bassinets, or as a cosy layer during supervised naps.

How Cugo doona blankets are different from other baby doona blankets online?

Cugo doona blankets stand out from other baby doona blankets online due to their exceptional quality and thoughtful design. Our doona blankets are crafted from premium materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo and recycled polyfill. They feature innovative designs that prioritize breathability, warmth, and durability. We also offer a wide range of unique patterns and colours to suit every nursery style.

What is the best size for a baby doona blanket?

The best size for a baby doona blanket is typically 150 cm x 120 cm. This size provides ample coverage to keep your baby warm and cosy without overwhelming them with excess fabric. Our baby doona blankets online in India ensure a perfect fit for your little one.

What is the difference between a doona blanket and a duvet?

The main difference between a doona blanket and a duvet lies in its construction and functionality. A doona blanket is typically made of multiple layers consisting a top fabric, batting for insulation, and a bottom fabric, all stitched together to create a cosy blanket. On the other hand, a duvet is a soft, flat bag filled with feathers, down, or synthetic fibres, designed to be used as an insert with a removable cover. Our cotton baby doona blanket offers the necessary warmth and comfort while being lightweight and breathable for your baby's comfort.

Welcome to the World of Baby Doona Blanket at Cugo

Give Warmth and Comfort To Your Little One! In the gentle cradle of cuddles and warmth, where dreams weave their soft threads around the tender hearts of babies, there exists a world of comfort like no other. Welcome to Cugo, where we unveil the artistry and warmth of the doona blanket - a realm where every stitch tells a tale of love, care and dreams. Read More

Embrace the Serenity of Doona Blanket! In the delicate dance of parenthood, where every touch matters, we understand the importance of caring for your little one's soft skin. Our cotton baby Doona Blankets with recycled polyfill- doona blankets, crafted with the utmost tenderness, promise a cocoon of comfort that's as gentle as a whisper. Made from the finest cotton, these double-layer blankets are more than just a blanket; they're a sanctuary of serenity for your precious bundle of joy.

At Cugo, we believe in adding a touch of magic to the ordinary. Our collection of baby Doona Blankets with recycled polyfill ranges from dreamy whales to hot air balloons, every pattern is a masterpiece crafted to ignite your child's imagination. Dive into the mesmerizing depths of the alphabet or embark on a wild adventure through the animal kingdom – the possibilities are as boundless as your little one's dreams.

Explore our range of interactive patterns of baby doona blankets that invite your baby to touch, feel and explore. Let their fingers trace the contours of colourful shapes or embark on a sensory journey through textures that delight. Our Doona blankets offer a snug and comforting embrace for your little one, perfect for naptime. They maintain their plushness and softness, wash after wash.

Doona Blankets with Recycled Polyfill - A Promise of Warmth

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At Cugo, we believe that every baby deserves to be wrapped in love and warmth from the very beginning. Our collection of baby Doona Blankets with recycled polyfill is more than just a blanket; it's a testament to the boundless love and care that you shower upon your little one every day. So why wait? Explore our collection of baby soft Blankets online in India and embark on a journey of warmth, comfort and style for your precious bundle of joy. Read Less