At Cugo, we understand parenthood's wonders and challenges. Our founders, Sakshi and Aaryav, realised every parent deserves a brand that truly cares.

With love as our guiding light, we established Cugo—a holistic haven where you find all baby care essentials under one roof.

Cugo isn’t just a brand; it's a promise - to nurture your baby with the utmost love and care. We’re your one-stop solution for your baby care products and services. Let us help you, to make your parenthood journey a smooth ride!


Cugo's mission is to make conscious parenting easier, healthier, and more joyful. We aim to provide parents with safe, innovative, and sustainable baby care products, nurturing their child's well-being every step of the way.


We envision a world where every baby thrives, surrounded by love and care. Cugo is dedicated to empowering parents and supporting them through their parenthood journey, ensuring happiness and growth for every little one.

  • We're the ultimate one-stop shop for all your baby care needs.

  • We care deeply about your child's health and happiness, offering safe, innovative, and eco-friendly products..

  • Our high-quality items are crafted with the utmost love and care, just like we care for our own little ones.

  • Committed to building a healthier & cleaner world for your child's future.

  • We offer expert advice, tips, and guidance on baby care, so you're never alone on your parenting journey.